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Here is what our customers say about Vref:

“Vref blows the competition out of the water.”
–Dealer, North Carolina.

“We use Vref every day.”
–Lender, Texas

“When we really want to know the market, we use Vref.”
–Flight Department, Texas

“Vref is Much more responsive to market trends.”
–Lender, Idaho

“Incredibly easy, everything is right there.”
–Dealer, Arizona

“We rely on Vref for realistic trade-in values.”
–Manufacturer, Wichita.

Aircraft Value Reference

The Intelligent Answer!

Decisions...Decisions... Our lives are filled with them. This letter will help you make an important one.

—If you are a pilot, aircraft dealer, appraiser, lender, CEO, flight department manager or anyone involved with airplanes, Vref* should be on your desktop and in your flight bag.

Vref is the industry’s modern price guide, designed especially for professionals operating in today’s challenging marketplace.

  • See Vref price trends in every edition of BizJet Traveler
  • Every major aviation lender subscribes.
  • Vref is AOPA’s sole source for aircraft pricing.
  • Dealers worldwide, whether they sell Gulfstreams or Piper Cubs, rely on Vref every day for accurate pricing information. Just ask them about us.

Take a look at one of the sample pages. As you can see, the basic information you need is all there. Plus, there is expanded information on each market in the Market Data & Recent ADs box. You’ll find pertinent market comments including the number of each model traded (Activity) as well as the number built and the number listed on the Registry. At a glance, you’ll know the recent ADs and what they pertain to. All is presented in an easy-to-use format.

  • Subscribers also get Market Leader, the quarterly newsletter that makes even newcomers to the industry look smart. Its concise, to-the-point format touches on each market, so that you can be in touch. Check out the sample.

When you choose Vref, you get a valuable resource from
the most experienced staff on the planet.
In the turbulent used aircraft market, this could make all the difference!

Vref also gives you Performance & Specs, typical Add Ons and popular Mods and Conversions, right on the page with the prices. There is no need to search elsewhere. We even calculate the % of New . This lets you know instantly what the aircraft is currently trading at when compared to its original new price. Airframe Time is listed for each and every model year, plus a correction factor if your plane is above or below these numbers. You can get the information you need with a quick glance, or use the expanded features for a more detailed appraisal.

Vref is also available OnLine. This Internet-based format includes all the information found in the hardcopy, plus the ability to customize an appraisal. VrefOnline includes Price History Data for each airplane and helicopter. See the sample printout.

Decision Time...

So, Which One Should I Choose — Book or VrefOnline? If you have internet capability, the best choice is Its state-of-the-art format is without comparison in the industry. Plus, if you order within business hours, the entire Vref database will be available to you in minutes. If you rarely have access to the internet, the Book remains a great choice - it has been our benchmark since 1994. It's easy to use and always accessible. Many subscribers opt for a Book and VrefOnline subscription - we call that the ProPak.

Ordering is easy!
Fill out the order form, or call us at 800-773-VREF(8733) and we’ll have your first edition on its way to you the same day.

Now is the time to apply your own good judgment and put Vref on your desk. For just pennies a day, when someone asks, “Where did you come up with that value?” you can have the intelligent answer – Vref!

Rick Cox

*Ever wonder what Vref (Vee ref) stands for? In addition to approach speed on some larger airplanes, it stands for Value Reference.
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